Books are going digital. We can help you do it.

Interactive children's books
for web, iPhone, iPad,
digital whiteboards, etc.

For publishers we convert existing children’s books to interactive books and Apps for the iPhone, iPad* and Android.

We can help you bring digital versions of your books to Apple’s App store and Android Market.

Our speciality is interactive picture books.

We also produce digital versions of picture books for viewing on school-pc's and digital whiteboards.

Contact us for information on pricing and opportunities for co-production.



Book Animation
for tv, web, dvd & mobile

We can convert your picture books to animated films. We are the largest producer of animated picture books in the Netherlands.

We've developed an advanced form of cut-out animation which keeps your artwork intact. The resulting picture book animations are engaging, highly effective in eduaction, cost-effective and retain a book-like feel.

Our animations are used with great success in:
-digital whiteboards
-mobile apps
-national television
-the web

Contact us for more information and licensing opportunities.



on how to convert your print properties to digital assets

We advice publishers on how to convert their existing print properties so that they are ready for the digital world.

We can help you dream up a digital concept that really enhances your print content and can be monetized online. Our experience in digitizing print allows us to watch out for technical pitfalls right from the start while also keeping an eye on financial feasability.

We translate creative concepts into a solid functional designs, which are the basis on which the digital content is built.

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